05 August 2007


I knew the day would come eventually. They have to leave the nest at some point. The day has finally arrived for my oldest to spread those wings. As we were packing stuff up this morning, clearing her room out, it was surreal. I mean, that's been her room for 20 years. It will be weird to walk down the hall and she isn't there. Instead it will be the youngest that is there. She can't take her dog with her, so he is staying here. We wanted him to be maybe a little less freaked out, so the 9 year old will move into the 20 year olds room, so the dog can keep it as 'his' room.

I know she'll be fine. She's only 5 minutes away. She's a smart girl and one I don't feel I need to worry about in regards to doing stupid stuff that many 20 year olds do to put themselves in harms way.