12 March 2008

The Clintonian Narcissism of 2008

Ya know, I need to quit going to other sites. I have in mind what I wish to say, but then I stumble across someone who has said it far more eloquently than I ever could.

Character as Destiny

At the heart of how to repair a nation -- there is one essential ingredient to examine; and that, of course, is character. Over the next six weeks until Pennsylvania, we must think about that; the character of our leaders, of our nation. Because as Heraclites stated with total clarity -- character IS destiny.

10 March 2008

So magnanimous of Billary

So, Obama is ahead in pledged and superdelegate counts. Obama with 1595 and Clinton with 1484. Yet Billary is extending the offer for Obama to be HER running mate?

Ummm, hello. Are you living in George's fantasy land too?

So, Obama is not ready to be CIC according to Billary, then why ask him to be VP?

You can't have it both ways Hillary.

Will Thomas has it all right here for you.

Obama: If I'm Not Ready, Why Suggest Vice Presidency?

Obama says it best.
"They are trying to hoodwink you."


Nice piece by Paul Abrams. I quoted my favorite part below the link.

"McClinton" (The Empire Strikes Back) vs. Obama (Bill Foster Provides A Glimpse of an Obama Presidency)

The Clinton campaign has flailed about looking for a message, a slogan, a reason for her candidacy. "Experience", "Change", "Experience to Bring Change", "Solutions", "Ready to Lead", almost every week there is a different slogan. But, the real message of "experience"is that she -- like McCain -- is part of the establishment and will defend it. That is what her alignment with McCain is all about.

Who takes more lobbyist money than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat? Hillary. Who has more lobbyists in positions of power in the campaign? McCain. Who defended paid lobbyists? Hillary (at the YearlyKos convention). Get the picture?

Here is the establishment's game: once Barack is out of the way, the battle is between two different parts of the establishment, two overlapping groups that, while they fight for ultimate power, are never very far out of it even when the other faction takes over. It is musical chairs where there are as many chairs as people.

Bill Maher and Terry McAuliffe

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with Bill Maher

09 March 2008

Hillary Uncensored

An interesting video. Watch it here or go to the link

Hillary Uncensored

Jane Smiley, I give you a standing ovation

I do believe that Jane Smiley has hit a home-run with this. The highlighted paragraph below is dare I say, poetry.

I'm Already Against the Next War

Some weeks ago, I wrote a Huff post about a remark Bill Clinton made, that if Hillary became the nominee, the presidential campaign would be exceptionally "polite". We now see that he wasn't joking. Both Clintons are in favor of the status quo, and will fight tooth and nail to maintain it. They are surrounded by advisors who both literally and figuratively are married to the Republicans. They are, indeed, now part of the "vast right wing conspiracy".

10 Questions for Hillary Supporters

These are questions I have too. Go on, click that link.

10 Questions for Hillary Supporters

08 March 2008

Daschle Suggests Clinton Aide Should Resign For Starr Comparison

Why just suggest Tom? Why not demand his head? Everyone knows that Billary and friends consider Ken Starr to be a monster. Wolfson's intent is clear. Ken Starr is a very dirty, nasty, vile word to the Clinton camp. Far nastier a word than 'monster'.

Daschle Suggests Clinton Aide Should Resign For Starr Comparison

"It's comments like [Wolfson's] that make me question whether we do have the same standards," said the former Senate Majority Leader. "I don't think that you can make a statement like that and consider yourself within the bounds of civility. I mean, this shouldn't be tolerated. It's not acceptable, and it's unfortunate."

Clinton, Genocide and a Campaign Gaffe

I had not read up on Samantha Power. I didn't know her background. I've somehow missed all of this over the last few days on the various news programs. I'm wondering now, did I miss it or was it just not there. So, thank you Marc Cooper for informing us just who this woman is. It is a shame. I can understand the Obama camp's side. He's trying to keep everything above the mud, unlike his opponents people.

Clinton, Genocide and a Campaign Gaffe

Power was rightfully awarded the Pulitzer for her finely written and downright horrifying book "A Problem From Hell" which, in macabre detail, describes the calculated indifference of the Clinton administration when 800,000 Rwandans were being systematically butchered. The red phone rang and rang and rang again. I don't know where Hillary was then. But her husband and his entire experienced foreign policy team - from the brass in the Pentagon to the congenitally feckless Secretary of State Warren Christopher - just let it ring.


And as more than one researcher has amply documented the case, the bloody paralysis of the Clinton administration in the face of the Rwandan genocide owed not at all to a lack of information, but rather to a lack of will. A reviewer of Power's book for The New York Times, perhaps summed it up best, saying that the picture of Clinton that emerges from this reading is that of an "amoral narcissist."

Larry David has a nice way with words

On the Red Phone

How is it that she became the one who's perceived as more equipped to answer that 3 a.m. call than the unflappable Obama? He, with the ice in his veins, who doesn't panic when he's losing or get too giddy when he's winning, who's as comfortable in his own skin as she's uncomfortable in hers.

Hello Billary, are you listening

Hey, King and Queen Clinton, I believe Gary Hart is talking to you. Maybe you both need a visit to the ENT so they get that earwax build-up taken care of? Perhaps then you will hear your party speaking to you both. Hopefully you both aren't figuring out how to call Obama Nixon.

Oh, and in case you didn't hear ME the first time:


Breaking the Final Rule

It will come as a surprise to many people that there are rules in politics. Most of those rules are unwritten and are based on common understandings, acceptable practices, and the best interest of the political party a candidate seeks to lead. One of those rules is this: Do not provide ammunition to the opposition party that can be used to destroy your party's nominee. This is a hyper-truth where the presidential contest is concerned.


Politics ain't beanbag," is the old slogan. But that does not mean that it must also be rule-or-ruin, me-first-and-only-me, my way or the highway. That is not politics. That is raw, unrestrained ambition for power that cannot accept the will of the voters.

07 March 2008

Good news no matter who wins the Democratic primary

Same-sex marriage inching toward general acceptance

Gay-marriage supporters have time on their side. Public opinion is shifting in their favor. Eventually, California's ban on same-sex marriage will be lifted.

But many gay couples, activists and lawyers say they have waited long enough. They are ready for change, and they think California is, too. So they are taking a calculated risk.

It's about time. I mean, seriously people. Does anyone TRULY believe that two lesbians or two gay men getting married is going to ruin marriage for all? I've been married and divorced. How many reading this have also been married and divorced (maybe more than once).

Are there really people that feel being gay is a choice? Life's hard enough. Why choose to be something that so many feel such disdain for.

A Clinton Scandal Primer

My goodness, there are good reads all over the innerwebz today.

A Clinton Scandal Primer

One of the most important topics in the 2008 presidential campaign has been almost completely ignored by the mainstream media: Corruption. Despite all of the claims that Barack Obama has been the beneficiary of media bias, and Hillary Clinton its victim, the reality is exactly the opposite of this, at least on the corruption issue. While the media has swarmed over the very minor Tony Rezko scandal, where there is zero evidence that Obama did any political favors, the press has ignored the long record of political scandals associated with the Clintons, despite the fact that Clinton's service as First Lady is the cornerstone of her claim to be experienced. Today's lead editorial in the Chicago Tribune is one of the rare exceptions to the media silence about Hillary's past scandals.

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish

Reliving The Psychodrama

This is another good read. This part really resonated with me, especially the last part which I have bolded. Even with her wins on March 4, they are still fighting amongst themselves within her campaign.

Does anyone truly wish for these two to be back in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.?

Remember: Bill Clinton could have settled the Paula Jones lawsuit easily years before he put the entire country through the wringer. Remember: Hillary Clinton could have killed what turned out to be the Whitewater non-story at the very outset by disclosing everything she could. Remember: the Clintons could have prepared for primaries and caucuses after February 5, as any careful candidate would. They chose not to do any of these things. Not because they are incompetent. But because they live to risk.

Hillary's New Math Problem

Hillary's New Math Problem

Interesting read. Good news to me. Seems it is next to impossible for Billary to get the numbers.

So, how do you think Billary will go about stealing it?

Clinton and Nafta-gate

Link upon link regarding Billary's role in the whole Nafta-gate issue

ABC - Anybody But Clinton

So Billary is willing to win this contest at any cost?

They (yeah, I said they. Do you really believe Bill is gonna be a quiet 'First Lady') prefer to extol the wonders that are John McCain, the Republican candidate over their competition in the Democratic party. It appears as if this woman does not have the countries best interests at heart. She has her best interests at heart. She would prefer her own party loses if she can't be the winner.

You scream 'Shame on you Barack Obama'. I say shame on you Hillary Clinton. You are nothing more than a self-serving egotistical individual (I say individual, I'd far rather call her a completely different word, but I shall refrain).

She accuses the Republicans and Bush of using fear, yet she is beginning to incorporate this same strategy into her campaign.

She calls Obama Ken Starr because he asks about her financial records. Oh come on now.

The campaign had gone rather politely, until Billary did not see the red carpet unfolding at their feet, paving the way for their coronation.

I do hope that the rank and file of the Democratic party are paying attention to Billary and the lengths at which they will go to get their way.

I hope that Howard Dean and the DNC will pull Billary aside and give them what for.

How long before the female portion of Billary is crying about the boys picking on her. I'm sorry woman (you aren't a lady in my book), while I'd love to see a woman in office, I pray to God that woman isn't you. You don't deserve it. I want my daughters to be able to look at the first woman president and feel proud. I don't see them looking at you with pride on their face.