05 November 2008

Yes we did

Donating and volunteering, in addition to work, sleep, and petite have certainly kept me busy, but what a good busy it turned out to be.

Watching Obama give his acceptance speech, I had tears in my eyes. I was so tired, but it was like I was all coked up, couldn't sleep for squat.

Of all that we have lost over the last 8 years, it felt like we got one of those things back, respect from around the world.

Never will a child of any color in this country feel as if the highest office in the land is beyond their grasp.

Seeing the faces of the African Americans who walked alongside King (in body or in spirit), who never thought they would see this day. The tears of Jesse Jackson and John Lewis, the cracking voices of Eugene Robinson and Harold Ford. The faces of all the Obama supporters in the crowds at Grant Park, Time Square, Morehouse and Spellman. All realizing that this dream they have been having the last 21 months has come true.

John McCain gave an excellent speech as well. He seemed like the McCain that started this race and I hope he has indeed found that part of him again.