30 May 2008

McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

Come on and climb aboard the straight talk express

25 May 2008

a must read (and a good one too)

I wasn't a fan of the Clinton's the first go around, but outside of that, Chez Pazienza says it all for me.

The World I Knew: Why It's Time for Hillary Clinton To Go

The sad irony that in my eyes -- the eyes of someone for whom the Clintons once represented a stand against politics-as-usual -- Hillary Clinton has become the very thing she purported to stand against so many years ago certainly isn't lost on me. The fact that the Clintons' notorious narcissism and sense of entitlement has reached such a level of insurmountability that Mrs. Clinton can assail not simply her opponent but the Kennedy-esque legacy of hope she believes he represents is repugnant in ways I'm not sure I can properly express. I knew Hillary Clinton could be a political monster when she deemed it necessary; I had no idea she could allow herself to become Grendel -- forfeiting her principles so handily that those of us who once believed in her and her husband's future for the country are now left to wonder whether there were ever principles there at all.

19 May 2008


Another piece of my trip has fallen into place. I was passportless. I had the tickets bought before getting a passport. I went last Wednesday, paid $160, and my passport arrived in the mail today.

I had asked my friend in Italy what types of clothing I should be bringing. OH, casual he said. Problem of course, casual to an Italian is totally different from casual to an American. I started reading online in regards to etiquette, etc, and I guess I need to go shopping. We are to meet some important people there and while he said casual, I just don't see tennis shoes, jeans, and a Hanes t-shirt after what I had read.

I hate to shop for clothes. I really do. If I'm not in need of anything, I will find all sorts of stuff to buy. However, if I'm on a mission, I'm not gonna find shit. I was really hoping to fit everything in one suitcase and have an empty one to fill up with stuff I purchase in Italy. Looks like I'll have to fit the stuff I buy in with the clothes I bring. :(

Nothing else really going on. Still can't stand my job and the hours, but, it's providing me with the money I'm gonna be spending, so what ya gonna do.

13 May 2008

Tickets bought

One more step completed for the trip to Italia.

We purchased tickets today. So, here are some places I will be visiting:






To say I'm stoked is a complete understatement

10 May 2008

Something important

Orphaned Work

Mark Simon:Mind Your Business

"Currently, you don't have to register your artwork to own the copyright. You own a copyright as soon as you create something. International law also supports this. Right now, registration allows you to sue for damages, in addition to fair value.

What makes me so MAD about this new legislation is that it legalizes THEFT! The only people who benefit from this are those who want to make use of our creative works without paying for them and large companies who will run the new private copyright registries.

These registries are companies that you would be forced to pay in order to register every single image, photo, sketch or creative work.

It is currently against international law to coerce people to register their work for copyright because there are so many inherent problems with it. But because big business can push through laws in the United States, our country is about to break with the rest of the world, again, and take your rights away.

With the tens of millions of photos and pieces of artwork created each year, the bounty for forcing everyone to pay a registration fee would be enormous. We lose our rights and our creations, and someone else makes money at our expense.

This includes every sketch, painting, photo, sculpture, drawing, video, song and every other type of creative endeavor. All of it is at risk!

If the Orphan Works legislation passes, you and I and all creatives will lose virtually all the rights to not only our future work but to everything we've created over the past 34 years, unless we register it with the new, untested and privately run (by the friends and cronies of the U.S. government) registries. Even then, there is no guarantee that someone wishing to steal your personal creations won't successfully call your work an orphan work, and then legally use it for free.


Do all of us a favor (by all of us, I'm talking about your children, your grandchildren, your future children and grandchildren, people you know, people you don't know) and let your representatives know this is a bunch of crap.

Online Petition

Assistance in creating a letter to your representatives

Government Site on Copyrights

06 May 2008

how weird is this

For the last several days, I've not been able to log into blogspot. I try and it tells me that Java is disabled, but Java isn't disabled. Everything I tried failed. Today (night, morning, whatever it is), same thing, only this time by clicking on the little orange symbol thingy it let me in. Go freaking figure.

I've been annoyed by that and was surprised it allowed me in just now. I've got nothing to say though cause I really wasn't expecting it. Kind of like when you call someone and you always get their voicemail and they happen to answer and it throws you off and you give them a 'ohhh, I didn't expect you to answer' and they respond with a 'well why the phuk did ya call'.

So, I'll just say 44 days and counting down.