15 April 2007

He's a popular little fella

BERLIN — Thousands of people line up at the Berlin Zoo each day to see Knut the polar bear cub, and his button-eyed face has become inescapable for many others who live far from the capital. Knutmania is in full swing in Germany, where the fluffy baby bear has become the latest merchandising sensation, inspiring Knut T-shirts, mugs, postcards, DVDs, keychains, candy and stuffed teddy bears that cost up to $40.

How I'd love to be able to get to Berlin to see this little guy, whilst he is still such a bundle of fur. I know I'd never be allowed to pick him up and cuddle him, I still wanna go while I know it is possible.
I do so hope that his popularity bodes well for all endangered animals. Anything that puts a spotlight on these beautiful, innocent creatures we share the earth with is a good thing.
Yes, I said innocent. Animals act out of instinct, not malice.


Dixie said...

You can imagine that living here gives me extra Knut exposure. I especially love the 10 minute Knut TV show that's been coming on Saturday mornings.

The latest is that Knut is getting his first grown-up tooth and he's cries a bit because it hurts. I reckon all babies are the same.

Twango said...

I have to say, I am tres jealous Dixie. I have to dig to find info on the little guy.

A teething polar bear - ouch. I cannot imagine the damage he could do compared to a dog or cat.