07 March 2008

ABC - Anybody But Clinton

So Billary is willing to win this contest at any cost?

They (yeah, I said they. Do you really believe Bill is gonna be a quiet 'First Lady') prefer to extol the wonders that are John McCain, the Republican candidate over their competition in the Democratic party. It appears as if this woman does not have the countries best interests at heart. She has her best interests at heart. She would prefer her own party loses if she can't be the winner.

You scream 'Shame on you Barack Obama'. I say shame on you Hillary Clinton. You are nothing more than a self-serving egotistical individual (I say individual, I'd far rather call her a completely different word, but I shall refrain).

She accuses the Republicans and Bush of using fear, yet she is beginning to incorporate this same strategy into her campaign.

She calls Obama Ken Starr because he asks about her financial records. Oh come on now.

The campaign had gone rather politely, until Billary did not see the red carpet unfolding at their feet, paving the way for their coronation.

I do hope that the rank and file of the Democratic party are paying attention to Billary and the lengths at which they will go to get their way.

I hope that Howard Dean and the DNC will pull Billary aside and give them what for.

How long before the female portion of Billary is crying about the boys picking on her. I'm sorry woman (you aren't a lady in my book), while I'd love to see a woman in office, I pray to God that woman isn't you. You don't deserve it. I want my daughters to be able to look at the first woman president and feel proud. I don't see them looking at you with pride on their face.

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