19 May 2008


Another piece of my trip has fallen into place. I was passportless. I had the tickets bought before getting a passport. I went last Wednesday, paid $160, and my passport arrived in the mail today.

I had asked my friend in Italy what types of clothing I should be bringing. OH, casual he said. Problem of course, casual to an Italian is totally different from casual to an American. I started reading online in regards to etiquette, etc, and I guess I need to go shopping. We are to meet some important people there and while he said casual, I just don't see tennis shoes, jeans, and a Hanes t-shirt after what I had read.

I hate to shop for clothes. I really do. If I'm not in need of anything, I will find all sorts of stuff to buy. However, if I'm on a mission, I'm not gonna find shit. I was really hoping to fit everything in one suitcase and have an empty one to fill up with stuff I purchase in Italy. Looks like I'll have to fit the stuff I buy in with the clothes I bring. :(

Nothing else really going on. Still can't stand my job and the hours, but, it's providing me with the money I'm gonna be spending, so what ya gonna do.

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Irie said...

I hear ya on the shopping. If I need something I'll never find it. Remember that you have to save enough room in your suitcase so you can smuggle me in to Italy.