14 June 2008

I cannot believe it

First, I must say, rest in peace Tim Russert. You were one of the best, if not the best. I cannot imagine the run up to November without your input and insights. Your smile and obvious zest for life was infectious. The tributes from your colleagues have been touching and heart warming, giving those of us a look into your life and the Tim Russert we didn't know.

It's almost time. I leave for Italy in just 5 days and 6 hours. I don't really have a whole lot to say that isn't political or about Italy and this wasn't going to be a political post but I did want to do something since I've been so lack in blogging. So, here's some more pictures of places I will get to see.

on this last one, that blue in the distance is the Adriatic Sea. I think that's the bluest blue I've ever seen when it comes to water. I cannot wait to step into that!!!!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey twango!

I'm glad you posted about Tim Russert. I cannot imagine Election 2008 with Tim Russert. I try and watch Meet the Press most every Sunday and he really was so great at his job, tenacious, and asking all the hard questions without coming across like an ass. I was in tears watching the tribue by Brokaw last night on MSNBC, especially when they played the Springsteen montage of photos and music.

Wow, seem like every is going to Italy! I have two girlfriends (going on separate trips, not traveling together) at the end of the month once school is out.

You will have the best time - i assume you will be taking part in some cooking classes? And I hope you'll post photos of your trip on your blog.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh damn, where is the edit button? I have to slow down my typing or become a better proofreader! of course i meant WITHOUT Tim Russert. And TRIBUTE and EVERYONE! so many typos and i swear i am not even drinking any wine, or anything else for that matter! LOL.

Twango said...

Isn't that funny. I didn't even notice the typos. It read the way you meant it. haha

The Springsteen montage had me in tears too. I finally had to turn off MSNBC cause I didn't want to cry anymore. My saving grace on Saturday was a 'Naked Archaeologist' marathon on History International.

I will be doing a stage while in Italy. Bascially, that means I'll be working for free just for the privelege of working with a master chocolatier.

But that won't take up all my time. In addition to central Italy, we will be staying on the Adriatic sea for a bit, as my friend owns a wine bar on the beach.

Everyone is telling me, 'I can't wait for the pics'. I just hope I remember to take pics. I'm the world's worst. The only one worse than me to my knowledge is SB, my travelling companion. We were discussing this yesterday.

jojo cucina cucina said...

twango. don't worry about taking photos. Buy postcards then and just scan them! LOL. People who love photography (like me) always want photos. But that's like telling someone who HATES to cook that they need to go on vacation and do what you are doing or what i do on vacation, cause cooking is part of the vacation deal for me.

So i get it.

For example i hate shopping so i don't want people to expect me to bring something back. I don't shop for myself so please don't make me do something i hate to do on vacation for Gawd's sake! LOL.

anyway, you have a great trip if i don't talk to you before then.

the Adriatic Sea. oooh. i even wish my name was Adriatic...it sounds SO nice.