04 September 2008

Jon Stewart - I love that man

I don't need to say a thing. The buffons that Jon is highlighting do it all



jojo cucina cucina said...

I will fight you for him, twango! I LOVE HIM too! I watched the whole thing because lately i've missed Jon Stewart's show because i've been trying to turn off the TV at least an hour before going to bed since i've been watching the conventions in hopes that it helps me sleep better. (It doesn't work anyway.)

Thanks for posting it. Thanks for keeping up your blog again! ;)

Twango said...

I think Lynnie and Candy will be in the fight too. haha

I am having to force myself to keep up. Lucky for me, there are so many good video clips I can post for when my brain is absolutely fried from lack of sleep/work.

I need to get them to give me a permanent type schedule instead of rotating days off (and never 2 together uggghhh). I want to be able to volunteer but this schedule is making it very difficult. I've donated 3 times in this past week but want to do something to get out the vote. Phone bank, voter registration, SOMETHING. Goofy middle of the day hours (10:30-7:00) are screwin me up