06 October 2007


I don't know. I keep thinking that I'm gonna be able to get back here at least every other day and then some crazy ass thing happens.

School started back up this past Monday. This week is complete which means it is 9 weeks and counting till graduation.

I really detest online classes. I'm going to a private uni, so you can imagine the cost. I'm taking an online accounting class. I didn't want to mind you, but in the past 18 months, the class has not been offered on ground. If I wanna graduate, I had to take the online version. So, I'm paying a fairly large sum of money to teach myself. I could have gone out and bought a damned Intro to Accounting book and taught myself this shit for a lot less money. Now, it is called Intro to Accounting, but should be called Intro to Financial Math. I've already had a financial math class and this class is more intro than that class was. WTF. I so wish these people would pull their heads out of their respective asses and get this program together. Independent study classes, online classes. The student is teaching themselves. Should that not warrant a reduced price? But noooooooooo, instead, these types of classes cost $100 more each. Another WTF.

It matters not now. I'm too close. I'm tired of school. I'm tired of homework. It's been nice pretending to be 18-22 again, but I think I'm ready to be the 40 something I am. KWIM?

Sure, it's kept me feeling younger. I mean, how can you NOT feel younger when surrounded by youth, but at the same time, it's had me scratching my head. I know, not all 20 somethings are complete morons or airheads. I'm friends with many 20 somethings that have a whole lot on the ball and going for them, but for that handful of 'like-yaknow-OMG', well, it just makes my skin crawl and my nerves shot. Especially that first day back from a break (now, our breaks are only a week long since we do quarters, not semesters) and a couple of immature girls see each other for the first time in a whole week and you get the squeals of excitement and the shrill 'OMG I've missed you, I haven't seen you in so long, catch me up' Good grief. Everytime I see your dumb ass you have a cell phone plastered to the side of your head. Can you not call one another during that long drawn out week off so that the rest of the world does not have to listen to the squeals. Nails-chalkboard?

Ok, so who knew I was going to end up ranting. I didn't till I started typing. Guess I was more typeative than I thought

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