29 August 2008

Beware my fellow Obama-Biden supporters

Scott Shrake has a good point people. We cannot take for granted that our country will pay enough attention to know this chick is not ready for this position. Complacency is the enemy 'my friends'

Palin '08 = Bush '00

Some time ago someone wrote this elegy for the last eight years (I'm paraphrasing): "Do you remember how you felt that first time you ever encountered George W. Bush, early in the 2000 campaign? Remember that feeling?"

I do. First, stunned. Then, my head cocked to one side, one eyebrow arched, I chuckle at the absurdity...

This can't be. THIS is who they're putting up to run? Have they heard him try to speak in public? It's so insulting to suggest that the country would elect this person.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey twango. Boy when you get back to working on your blog, you REALLY work....Kudos! I love the Project Vote Smart link.

In regards to "Beware my fellow Obama-Biden supporters". Maybe a jaded person like myself is getting addicted to Hope because i am not as worried this election as i was in '04.

I think Americans ARE smarter voters BECAUSE of Bush. (Thank you Bush for that!) Not to say i am going to assume nothing needs to be done, but i really believe in my heart that the "Eight is Enough" line from Obama's speech this week is felt by far more of us this go-round.

Keep up the good work, twango!

"Go Ojoe!"

--jojo the Oho

Twango said...

I hope and pray, but I do worry. However, my understanding is that McCain didn't feel the need to vet her, so he didn't.

That could prove to be interesting cause the crowd she was chosen to pander best to is not as forgiving as they say they are.