29 September 2008

John McCain's health records must be released


IslandPearl said...

What about HIPAA? What about privacy?

Slippery slope you are demanding here...

Twango said...

Haven't Pres. candidates released their medical records in the past? Don't you think it is OUR right to know the status of his medical health before we go to the polls. If he releases them, HIPPA doesn't come into play. It's my guess that HIPPA is what has kept his records from leaking out in the first place.

I want to know if the person who could possibly be elected President has some medical issue such as dementia or Alzheimer's that might impact the decisions he makes for our country.

Are you just playing devils advocate here?

IslandPearl said...

No. Not at all.

I simply don't believe in double standards.

Why shouldn't any employer then be able to require any potential hire to disclose health records?

Why would anyone want to hire someone who might have dementia or alzheimers?

Or cancer?

Do you really want to set that precedent?

Twango said...

But there are already jobs that require a medical exam and he's held one of them as a Navy pilot. We don't want a pilot that is partially blind flying the plane or someone with uncontrollable epilepsy at the controls of a plane. IF there is something in his current medical history that could impact the judgments he might make as POTUS, he owes it to the public to release his medical records.