14 January 2007

Why and other stuff

I've been feeling blah since I got back from Vegas. I guess the change in weather and humidity sent my allergies into orbit and I've been paying for it. So, why is it, for me anyway, when I feel like total crap, the only thing I want to drink is a coke. Nothing else tastes good. I had not had a coke in some time and then bam, gotta have a coke.

My youngest (A, she's 8) called the oldest (T, she's 19) a dork. I asked, so, do you know what a dork is? Yeah, it's a geek. I say, no, do you know what the word started out meaning? Uhhhh, no. I explain to her that it started out as a euphamism for the male member. Ewwwwww, gross.

The other day, my niece (K, she's 11) decided to call my youngest a name. So, A comes running in, boohooing, K called me a name. So, what did she call you. She called me a pheasent. A pheasent? Really? So, I ask K, did you call her a pheasent. Yeah. I ask, what is a pheasent. Ummmmmmmmmm, for about 2 minutes. So, you don't know what a pheasent is. Yeah, but I can't tell you. I ask her if she realizes that a pheasent is a bird. Well duh, of course I do. I guess I do have idiot stamped across my forehead.

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