30 August 2008

Just freakin weird

Now yesterday, I was shocked. Today, while still shocked, my mind is in a complete whirl. Waiting for the punch line. My lack of trust in this current administration, McDuh included, makes me wonder what the ulterior motive is. I mean, they faked a letter to give them a reason to go to war in Iraq. Why wouldn't they do something like this. They've gotten away with every other damn thing. Or did McCain pull a maverick outta his hat and come up with this doozy on his own. If he did, it had to have been a last minute, knee-jerk reaction with absolutely ZERO thought. I mean, if reports are correct, he didn't even vet her!!!!! I can't find the link right now, but I'll find it and come back and post it.

makes the mind want to EXPLODE!


IslandPearl said...

So what?

If Obama is as good as he says he is, you have nothing to worry about.

If you look at the facts on Palin, not just the blogs, you will find that what she is "Under Investigation" for pales in comparison to what the Federal government investigated Hilary for -- and yet...

This was a brilliant tactical manuever in one sense if no other: instead of staying the course and pushing their choice, the dems will be beating themselves silly trying to discredit her.

And after all these years, they still haven't realized that all that mud on them is largely just the splash back of what they've lobbed.

This election is yours to lose, you know. And the odds are startling.

Give me facts, perspective and common sense every time.

Twango said...

I'm guessing the so what is in reference to the vetting. Surely you don't want my mind to explode. ;)

I believe Obama is that good, but come on, you know our country is full of people that vote blindly. Ohhh, she's pretty/he's handsome, such a nice smile and she seems so nice.

Sure what she is under investigation for pales in comparison, but for me, it's not the level of the deed, it's the deed.

I'm thinking you know me better than to think I'm going strictly by blogs. Alaska does have newspapers, reporters, and all that good stuff.

McCain not vetting an unknown shows a complete lack of respect for the citizens of this country.

IslandPearl said...

I can't buy that she wasn't vetted. The GOP may be a lot of things, but stupid isn't on that list.

She obviously cleared the vetting. There is only the allegation, after all. Nothing's been proven at this point.

The troopergate thing broke 2 months ago and has been very public.

I spend a lot of time up there.

She's there for a reason...or two. One already worked: it's distracted the heck out of the Dems and drawn attention away from O.

Gonna be a long couple months.

equeyaya said...

The thing that worries me is the bible thumpers really like this chick. Up until now, I think a lot of them might have just stayed home on November 4, but now they're kind of pumped.

She's not qualified for this post, but they don't care about that. They just want someone who will promote their agenda of suppressing women's rights, waving flags, posting commandments, pledging of "under god" allegiances and AK47s for all.

Now I don't have a huge problem with ALL of that (like saying "Under God" in the Pledge, fine whatever), but this ticket will not get us out of an expensive and unjust war, will not decrease our dependence on foreign oil, will not turn back the tide on global warming, will not give one hoot about women's rights, and will not improve the economy for regular every day people struggling to pay their bills like me.

Our only hope is to get young people who hope to have a future engaged and registered.

Twango said...

It is gonna be a long couple of months for sure Pearl.

Eque, all I can say is amen