24 August 2008

Yes Jo, I really do suck

But it's a good excuse. Between the election and the sexiest gentleman I know (not to mention quitting the job I didn't like, looking for a job, finding a job, and takin care of the kiddo....)

It's too early to get really deep, but maybe I'll get my shit in gear later today and pay homage with some musings. :)

Until then, a pic of the beeeeyoooootiful view I got to see everyday with said sexiest gentleman I know.

The front door (plus friend and sexy gentleman) of my friend's villa.

Lago Trasimeno (my friend, his wife, and the sexy gentleman)


jojo cucina cucina said...

Ooops. i posted on your blogpost underneath this one thinking i was responding to your most recent one....so i copied and pasted:

Twango! yayayayayayay! you're back!

(i gotta say i just love when i log on the post-Gumbo blogs and see my name mentioned! LOL. :) )

I totally agree with your assessment about Biden. He is the REAL straight talk express. And after Kerry and Hillary, i'm so glad to have a politician who is not always so damned careful.

And let's get real. Have we ever had a president say more stupid things than we have now?

I'm very excited about Biden on the ticket. Can't wait to get the bumper sticker!

Good to see you back and posting your photos!

August 24, 2008 4:12 PM

Twango said...

I like Biden, I really do, and I hope that nobody is going to try to keep his tounge tied up. Let'er rip I say.

I don't believe any political figure (outside of that crazy homosexual hating Oklamhoma statebitch) that anyone has said anything more stupid than our current POTUS.

I do want the bumper sticker, but I don't know why. I've never been one to put bumper stickers on my car and I likely won't start now. I will be getting a magnet though.

Lynnie said...

Hey you two!

I'm getting a first-edition Obama-Biden tee shirt (for a donation, of course.)

Nonny Nonny Boo Boo!

I can't wait to wear that magnificent piece of cloth.

Jojo, I miss you and your politics!