10 February 2007


Seems that for those of us who enjoy a drink, have a type of liquor that they need to stay the hell away from all together.

For me, it is dark liquors, including red wine. That shit makes me crazy.

A friend has to stay away from any hard liquor. Beer and wine don't bother them, but the hard stuff, makes them crazy.

For another friend, it is wine and vodka, again, crazy.

I know many others that have a type of alcohol that just makes them crazy. I'm going to have to check into exactly why. I have a general idea, but, I must know why.


Dixie said...

Me? Tequila? Together? Be ready to tie me down somewhere because it makes me wild.

IrieLovie said...

Mmm... margaritas...

I really have a difficult time with stuff like Wild Turkey and Jack Daniels. The strong stuff kills me. My husband, on the other hand, prefers drinks with little umbrellas.

Twango said...

Get a little bit of everything together and have one heck of an interesting party.