04 March 2007

Musing stuff

I will forever and alwyas think of JoJo when the word musing is somehow brought up.

1. Doing a survey thingy and one of the things was 'what is something really weird about you'. I couldn't really think of anything right then, but it hit me a bit ago: If I'm at home and I don't know you are coming over and you just show up, I won't answer the door. My own sister found that one out the hard way. I think that is probably weird, but I don't care. I think it is the epitome of rudeness to not call ahead.

2. I've heard some men worry about only having 5". Well, I cut 5" off my hair tonight and let me tell you, 5" is a LOT!

3. The burn on my forearm is really itching now.

4. A friend of mine and myself are planning a crawfish boil. We are gonna have it at another friend's cabin. We haven't told her yet. Hopefully she thinks that's a good idea.

5. I just realised how hypocritical I sound comparing 1 and 4. Oh well. It's not like we are gonna show up, pot in one hand, crawfish in the other.

6. Polar bear cubs are just the cutest things!!!

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