01 March 2007

To expand further

I really wanted to go. I'm fairly disappointed that I'm not going. In hindsight though, it was probably best I didn't go. The guy working with us had become a MAJOR pain in the ass. As I was melting chocolate the other night, trying to show a guy (a very sweet kid) a few things, PITA walked up and pushed me out of his way. Yeah, I said pushed me. He put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a push. I wasn't expecting it, it made me stumble about 2' backwards. Now, given the location I was, I really couldn't do anything, because if I would have done something it would have most likely ended up in assault charges. I instead, walked away, found a friend and told him, he calmed me down and that's a good thing. I suppose I am getting my revenge by having to back out at the last minute as the hotel room we were to share is now 100% on his head. He will have his ass handed to him in NYC. I do wish I could be there to see that, but bestfriend will be able to tell me all about it. I hope all his stuff makes the trip in tact so that the judges can tell him just how horrible his stuff looks. Didn't want to listen to the 4 experienced people. He knows everything and can do everything better, PITA that he is. After 2 solid months of work, busting my ass, a couple of hours of sleep a night, not seeing my family, barely getting homework done, and not being able to shake this cold, I guess I will finally be able to relax. Stress is now gone, hopefully the knots in my shoulders, back, and neck will follow.

Is it bad that I'm hoping the judges ream his ass out?


Cherie said...

No it is not bad that you hope that!! What a prick! I can't believe he pushed you out of the way.

On another note....HEEYY!!! I didn't even know you had a blog. No wonder I don't see you on Myspace much anymore.

Twango said...

I have too many fellow students as friends on MySpace. I know I can mark it in different ways to allow only certain people to view it, but then that lets out people that aren't on MySpace, if that makes ANY sense at all. haha

Irie said...

I'm really sorry that you're not going to NYC. I hope that what ever prevented you from going works itself out quickly. As for the PITA- he's an ass! Maybe seeing professionals at work will show him what he's lacking.