12 March 2007


How is it that some in this world are so damned sensitive. I just don't get it most of the time. Sure, when stuff is going on that has you stressed, it is understandable, but the people that are sensitive with or without said stress, I just don't get.

My sister for example. She is always sensitive, ALWAYS. No matter what it is, she is going to turn whatever into a personal attack against her. If you tell her she missed a button, she's a blind dumbass. If you ask her to not wear perfume because you are allergic to it, then you feel she is a fool for wasting money on smelly water.

How do these people get by in life? Are they constantly running for the bathroom so people don't see them crying? Do they cry in front of everyone to garner sympathy? Do they run off and eat worms in a corner? Or are these the people that finally lose it and shoot up the local fast food restaurant?

I just don't get it. Granted, I'm not a super sensitive person and it does take a bit to hurt my feelings, but sheesh, nut up people.

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Cherie said...

The answer to all your questions is YES. We need a DNA test because I think we have the same sister.