15 May 2007


Between working full-time and going to school full-time, I have no time for anything else. I am so behind on homework it ain't EVEN funny. The job basically fell into my lap. I need a management position to meet my internship requirements. Makes it difficult when you technically have no management experience. A former instructor is in a partnership with another gentleman and I ran into the former instructor and he was in need of a manager. Since they are just opening, there are only 3 employees, the 2 owners, and the one owners wife. Pretty much requires full-time which of course I am down for, but I'd rather it be AFTER graduation in December.

So now, homework is suffering. Sleep? What the hell is that.

At least it is interesting. But shit, what I need more than anything is like a week long nap.


Irie said...

But damn is it going to be worth it when you walk across that stage and get your degree! Take care, Twango!

Twango said...

Yes, it will be worth it. I just really cannot wait for December to get here.