01 May 2007

And now this

Tainted poultry has entered food supply

Millions of chickens ate feed containing melamine, government officials say.

The Food and Drug Adminstration said Tuesday that as many as 3 million chickens that may have been given contaminated feed containing melamine have already been eaten by consumers, according to NBC News.

So, are ya worried yet? It's not enough that our beloved pets have died from this. Did your Fluffy or Fido die? Is your child next? Are you pregnant? Ate any chicken lately? Had enough?


Irie said...

I recently started eating meat again and now I'm wondering why.

Twango said...

Ok, that's weird. I know I responded to you when you posted this.

I do hear ya. I love my meat, so it's just gonna have to be the free-range, organic types from here on out.