28 May 2007


Why is it, that we as humans (all of us-Americans, Russians, Germans, French, Italian, British, Irish, etc), are so afraid of what another does that is different from what we do. I'm not gay, but I do have friends that are, and they are no different from me or anyone else for that matter.

Those using Christianity to bash the gay community (or any other group of people for that matter), a big pox on you. You know full well that God says judge not, lest you be judged. God is the only perfect. You and I can never attain perfection. We can try, but it will never happen. Go home and quietly pray for those you think need God's help. Be a friend to those you feel need Him. I guarantee you, He is not happy with you when you are mean and cruel to His creation. We will all be standing before Him someday and we will all be judged for our deeds throughout our life. We each screw up enough without trying. Do you really want to add hatred to your list of screw-ups?

Russian Nationalists Attack Gays, Right Said Fred, and a German Politician

Russian skinheads, ultra nationalists and fundamentalist Orthodox church members make good on their pledge to "clean" Moscow streets of gays. Pop groups like Tatu and Right Said Fred were part of the scattered gay-rights protest, and so was a German politician.

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