26 June 2007

Appena un gemito o un farneticamento se (Just a whine or rant if you will)

Faceva caldo oggi. Mentre la temperatura in se non era male, aggirare intorno a 88-92F (31-33C), l'umidità era insopportabile, con esso sensibilità come 102F (39C). Era il genere di giorno che quando punto all'esterno, voi ritenete come se faceste un passo appena dall'acquazzone. Amo mio luogo natio, ma il ragazzo fa io odia le estati.


It was hot today. While the temperature itself was not bad, hovering around 88-92F(31-33C), the humidity was unbearable, with it feeling like 102F(39C). It was the kind of day that when you step outside, you feel as if you just stepped out of the shower. I do love my hometown, but boy do I hate the summers.


Dixie said...

The humidity is the worst. The worst! It's like getting slapped in the face with a hot, wet towel every time you walk outside.

Twango said...

It is at that. My moisturizer needs to make a version for the hot and humid south. I walked outside yesterday and I could just feel my face smothering.