14 June 2007

Ok my little history buffs

Have ya seen this?

Rome Reborn

June 11, 2007 - How do you say megabyte in Latin? Ancient Rome was reborn—as a virtual city—today, when a team of American and Italian academics unveiled Rome Reborn, a real-time 3-D computer reconstruction that allows visitors to navigate the ancient city as if it were 320 A.D. again. Thanks to the complex software run on PCs, modern visitors can fly over the ancient city, pan down into the Colosseum, cruise the Roman Forum and stroll into the Senate building. The aim is to provide a new tool for scholars of the ancient city to imagine how the buildings may have looked in greater detail than two-dimensional models afford.


Dixie said...

That would be so awesome to see!

Twango said...

It would be. Shoot, Rome is one of the #1 destinations on my list to see, strictly for the historical aspect (followed of course by Greece and Egypt).

ON a side note, my boss got a book for his MIL. It is in Polish, but the pages each have a cover sheet that can be lifted. Before lifting, it shows Rome then, after lifting, it shows that same spot in the now. He's been looking for an English version cause he said he knew I would love it.