25 June 2007

Thanks Dixie

The link above explains it far better than I probably can.

Provando la mia mano all'italiano e sperando sono piuttosto grammaticale corretto. Eventualmente alcuni indigeni non saranno offenduti da qualche cosa che potrei ottenere errato.

Amo ascoltare il di lingua italiana. Amo bere il caffè italiano dell'arrosto. Inferno, amo l'alimento italiano. Spero forse l'un giorno persino per muovermi là, in modo da sto pensando che quello imparare la lingua sia piuttosto di importanza fondamentale.


Trying my hand at Italian and hoping I am somewhat grammatically correct. Hopefully any native speakers will not be offended by anything I might get wrong.

I love listening to the Italian language. I love drinking Italian roast coffee. Hell, I love Italian food. I hope maybe one day to even move there, so I am thinking that learning the language is rather imperative.

Ora, se siete un indigeno, cadere prego una linea e lasciarlo sapere ho fatto.

Now, if you are a native speaker, please drop a line and let me know how I did.


Ms. M said...

Hi! Where did you learn Italian and for how long have you been studying? I just did my first Language Week blog posting in Italian too. Glad to see there are some other (temporary) Italian bloggers out there.

Since you asked, I'll give one correction for you (My own post is, I'm sure, far from error free!). When you talk about moving the verb is trasferire not muovere (like it is directly translated from English). So you could say "Spero di trasferirmi in Italia."

Good luck with the rest of the week.

Ms. M said...

P.S. I see you're interested in Egypt as well. Any interest in learning Arabic? Next on my list is moving to either Egypt or Lebanon to learn Arabic.

srah said...

I love the way Italian looks and sounds!

Twango said...

Ms.M, I have only been studying Italian for maybe 6 weeks. I just bought myself an English-Italian dictionary. I decided to because my boss is Italian, his wife is Polish but speaks fluent Italian. So, many of our customers are also Italian. I kinda figured I might need to learn, but it is also something I have always wanted to do, so that certainly makes it much easier. Thanks for the correction. I'm looking into perhaps purchasing the Rosetta Stone software or whatever that stuff is.

I am very interested in ancient Egypt and Greece, in addition to the Roman empire. The things they built that stand to this day just floor me and have me in awe. That stuff has withstood thousands of years, who knows how much in the way of inclement weather and mother nature in the way of earthquakes.

I'm gonna stick with the romance languages for now. Maybe one day Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.

Srah, I too love the way Italian sounds and looks. I do believe it is my favorite language to just listen to.