23 July 2007

Bush shares trait with Romans

Bush shares trait with Romans

As a military strategist, President George W. Bush is in the same class as the Roman generals Varus, Aemilius Paullus and Terrentius Varro.

These Romans were all miserable failures who lost their armies because of stupidity, stubbornness and incompetence. Bush as a commander-in-chief is in the same category.


Dixie said...

I'd like to see how future historians treat GWB.

Irie said...

What ticks me off the most about him is that he never backtracks. He never says that he made a mistake regarding this war.

Twango said...

Dixie, I'm curious too. History is certainly far kinder to Nixon. Once we are many years removed from Bush and can look objectively, we may see many things that were in fact good.

Irie, true dat! Admitting a mistake is not always a bad thing, just shows humanity and humility.