20 July 2007

He should be strung up by his short and curlies

Gruesome details in NFL star's indictment cause public outcry that swamps Humane Society

The cold brutality described in the indictment hardly props up any fashionably roguish images. The 52 pit bulls found on Vick's estate were mostly emaciated, authorities said, kept ravenously hungry so that they would eagerly assail the flesh of the dogs they met in the ring. The losing animals, the indictment said, were sometimes executed if they didn't die in the fight. One dog, the grand jury reported, was hosed down after a loss and then electrocuted.

If this proves to be true (and I really have no doubts that it will be), then I hope Michael Vick sees MY version of hell. Him and people like him do not deserve kindness, but death is far too good. A lifetime of pain for the pain and suffering that has been perpetuated upon these animals.

Michael Vick, I hope you rot in hell.

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