11 July 2007


I just really haven't been in a typeative mood. Ok, so typeative isn't a word, but talkative doesn't cut it since it's typing I don't feel like doing, well, that and I haven't really had anything noteworthy to type. Well, except yesterday's interesting day.

So, my day yesterday. You YaYa's might already know this, and I suppose it could still be TLFP. But it is a weeeee bit different.

Driving into work on the freeway doing 75-80mph, two mockingbirds are chasing each other. One misses me, the other manages to lodge itself underneath my windshield wiper, driver side naturally, so the remaining 15 miles, I'm looking at the flapping feathers and stiff legs of said bird. The 'thunk' was horrid. How I didn't wreck I'm not sure as I was so totally freaked out. I got a guy friend to come remove it. He laughed at me, but I don't care, sometimes I am very much a sissy type girl.

While at work, I step outside, and notice the WeinerMobile coming up the street. I exclaim. Holy Phuk, it's the WeinerMobile, like I'm 5 or something. They pull into our strip center parking lot and since I am the one standing outside, they say, hey, can we park here. I'm 40 years old and have never seen the WeinerMobile except on TV. I got to go inside and they gave me a whistle. Three of our regulars, gentleman around 50ish are leaving as the Weinermobile people are leaving. The 4 of us are quite excited to get the chance to go inside. My boss who is from Switzerland and his sister-in-law who is Portuguese, do not understand our excitement at going into a big hotdog. They just don't understand.

Going home, the transmission starts acting up. I'm doing 50mph, 4000rpm, and scared senseless I'm gonna break down on the freeway, but determined to get it home so I can take it where I want to take it. Turns out that there is a pigtail inside the transmission. Now, I'm thinking, what the phuk, but it is a wire of some sort that connects the automatic transmission thingy to the computer and it had a glitch. Had to miss only 1 day of work thank goodness.

Now I'm home, the neighbor comes running up. Hey, remember the baby squirrel you saved. Uh yeah, did he come by to thank me? He looks at me rather puzzled, says, umm, no. Who did you call. I tell him and ask why. Oh, I have 3 baby skunks in my yard. I have them in a huge trashcan with the lid on it, but they've already sprayed my wife and dog. Thank goodness they are babies cause they don't stink as bad he says. My dog is going NUTS ran through the house like he was at the Daytona 500 or something. I don't know if it is from the smell or they are making some type of high pitched noise that humans cannot pick-up. They at first catch just 2 of the babies and the 3rd one scampers away into the neighbors backyard where his dog Magellan quickly corners it. Baby skunk may not have the full grown stink gland, but it did have some and sprayed poor Magellan.


Princess Cat's Pajamas said...

I think I'll take my boring, serene day over your eventful day! :)

I can't imagine having a bird fly into my windshield and getting stuck... I would be freaking out!

Twango said...

Oh, I was most assuredly freaking out. I screamed so loud I made myself hoarse.

Hopefully today is a nice boring one.