03 February 2008


I love spending time with my bestestfriendever.

Doesn't matter what we do, I just enjoy being with him. I do so worry about him sometimes though. He doesn't sleep, when he does, it's so erratic. His eating, erratic also. Work however, gets his everything. Loves what he does. Unfortunately, he isn't 20 anylonger. You can't burn that candle at both ends and the middle and not have it mess with you.

We had some really tasty Chinese food. I had never been there. I'll be going back for sure.

Other than that, I've been far busier than I care to be. Way too much stuff, I'm in a sensory overload. I worry about him and his candle burning ways, yet I do the same damn thing.

No wonder that those in my profession have such a high divorce rate. I don't see how anyone outside of other industry folks can deal. Problem there of course, I believe that every kitchen person I know has a lot of similarities, including bulldogishness, brick wall's, ego, aggressiveness, sense of humor, and very much tell it like it is type people.

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