27 April 2008


I came here to post about something specific. I'm gonna end up posting about something totally different.

My niece stayed the night. For some reason, my sister left the dog too. Ordinarily this would not be a bad thing, as our dog loves to play with her dog. HOWEVER, my eldest is here recovering from surgery and along with her is her cat. It took some time for our dog and the cat to get along. Sister says before leaving, ohhh, my dog will be fine where the cat is concerned. WRONG. As soon as she was gone, her dog began chasing the cat, trying to EAT the cat. Poor kitty is going to need kitty tranquilizers.

When sister came to bring eldest niece, she of course brought her two youngest with her. The cat has gotten used to us, but kitty does not like little children. Their 3 hour long visit was about 2 hours, 59 minutes too long for poor kitty. Then to leave the dog too. I had to put kitty, kitty litter box, kitty water and food in one room and shut the door. I put both dogs out this morning and let kitty out. He was still so scared, he just sat in the doorway forever.

So, just now, I step outside to drink my coffee, listen to the birdies waking up, can't watch the squirrels running about as they are avoiding the yard with 2 dogs roaming about, and read the paper. Kitty jumps in the window to look out and sister's dog tries to eat kitty through the window. I could hear him hissing form the other side.

I cannot wait for this visit to end!!!!!

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