21 April 2008

Well, you coulda knocked me over

I've never much cared for Michael Moore, but his blog today is something I totally agree with.

Go figure. He supports Obama, but it isn't just that he supports Obama, it's what he has to say.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Wow...Twango, i was just coming over to say hi to you, i didn't expect to be mentioned in your blog. HOW cool for me! Thank you. I've bookmarked your blog.

I like the idea of visiting some of my favorite yaya's blogs more than joining another board. I just hope i don't get myself addicted to your blogs now. I posted on Furline's and TxGrits too.

I am VERY excited (and somewhat anxious) to see how tomorrow goes. I am thinking Obama is gonna pull an upset on Hillary. Dammit, i have to bowl tomorrow night, so i wont' get to see the results until about 10 pm.....

I'll be thinking about you. It's very cool to be on the same political page.

Now if the HC folks would just shut down the yaya we can all breathe. It was so irritating to see it up there this morning. Feeling like that surprised me and actually i liked that i was irritated.

Irritated is better than being sad. Thanks again texaswango. Like Arnold said, I'll Be Back.

However, i will have to remember to look in when i am NOT hungry. ALL THOSE FOOD FOTOS! I am not even a cake eater, but those look wonderful!


Twango said...

I'm glad you found me and glad you'll be back (I think I'd like you better than I would Arnold).

You won't even want to see the food fotos I hope to post from my trip.