20 April 2008

If all goes as planned

I should be winging my way to Rome in about 2 months. My dear friends have extended the invitation to stay with them at their villa and the best part is my best friend in the entire world will be there with me.


A view of Bettona

And here is another view of Bettona, sitting atop the hill:

Bettona is in the Perugia, Umbria. Umbria is in Central Italy and is a land locked area. It is known as 'The Green Heart of Italy". Perugia

Umbria-Wiki link
Welcome to Umbria

One great things about visiting is that I will be near my favorite olive oil, coffee, and porcelain. All located within this region and my dear friends are friends with these people. I have links to each of these here on my blog. Capoccetti Coffee, Cufrol Olive Oil, and porcelain in Deruta.

Another great thing is of course the historical aspect. I am such a history geek it is not EVEN funny. I know that when our plane lands in Roma, I will likely cry. Not boohoo sobbing, but tears that I am finally in the land I have wanted to be in for longer than I can remember. I could so picture myself calling my mom and telling her to go about procuring a passport for my youngest as I am not returning.

A third great thing is that we have both been invited to work with others in our industry and learn the true Italian way, not the Americanized version of Italian. I hope I'm not jinxing anything by posting, but I am so excited that I am finding it quite difficult to contain.

The villa I will be staying at in Bettona is over 1100 years old. To be able to touch, see, smell, history in this way, well, it is indescribable. I'm not Catholic, but to be RIGHTTHERE, the Vatican, St. Peters Square, the Colosseum, the Spanish Steps. The archaeologoical importance is mind boggling. Crap, I'm tearing up thinking about it all.

To be so close and be able to visit Pompeii, HOLYCRAP.

The markets, the restaurants, the pastries, the cheese, the truffles, the coffee-Ohhhhh the coffee, the meats.

I just cannot wait. I have always felt I was born in the wrong place and should have been born in Italia. But perhaps if I was born an Italian, I wouldn't have the appreciation I have for it, much like I probably do not have the true appreciation for where I live.


Irie said...

So when do we leave? lol My in-laws are leaving for Italy later this week. I'm very jealous!

Twango said...

figners are crossed for june 19