20 April 2008

Just lil ol' me again

I'm trying to get back in the habit of coming here to post, even if it's just some stuff like this. I may not be grammatically correct, but you'll get over it.

These ramblings are coffee induced.

1. I'm going to miss visiting Gumbo YaYa daily.
2. What I'm really going to miss: The people that choose not to join up elsewhere.
3. The women who make me think through their own intelligence and wisdom, not to mention their humor. I'm not sure who else doesn't plan to make the move to our new digs, but JoJo, Pearl, and Sunshine - I'm really going to miss you ladies and I hope you each reconsider.
4. You've each made my life richer and I love you.
5. Those that are making the move to the new digs, I'm so glad. I would be lost without you all. There are certainly too many of you all to even name. But like those who aren't coming along for the ride, I love you all too.
6. Each and everyone of you are the sisters I have chosen.
7. JoJo, you know the political discussions are gonna get fun come August.
8. MWAH to you all!!!

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