19 April 2008


I've been really bad about keeping this thing updated. I keep telling myself I'm going to be better, but my schedule has been so erratic for so long that it's hard.

Hopefully now that I have a permanent job, I will get on a schedule. I'll have to. Gotta be up at 3am to be at work by 5am. I get off at 2pm, but when you are used to going to bed at 3am and now have to get up at that time, it really phuks with your system.

I've spent an inordinate amount of time of late with my dear friends from Italy. They decided to return to Italy and just fly back when business requires. Sucks for me as I do so love spending time with them. I was finally able to introduce them to my bestest friend, SB, and they love him as much as I do and vice-versa, he loves them as much as I do. That rocks my socks. These people had become my surrogate brother and sister and they feel the same way towards him. My intention was to go visit them in June and they invited SB to come as well. I love that part. Now when I go, my barely Italian speaking self will have another American along. He's as much into history as I am and we like so much of the same stuff. It will make it nice because we will likely want to see most of the same things.

I'm hoping that after a week or so of this new schedule, I'll be used to the weird sleep times (well, weird for me) and my brain will function as it should.

Another thing that has taken up a lot of my time of late. My favorite place to hang my hat on the web is closing down. Some will understand, others won't. These women (and 5 men) have been a huge part of my life. We have been with one another (me almost 6 years, some of them for 10 years) through marriages, divorces, pregnancies, births, deaths, graduations, new jobs, losing jobs, and everything in between. The site was (still is until 21 April) hosted by Harper Collins for the author Rebecca Wells. In their short-sightedness, they have chosen to pull the plug. I guess we aren't in the target demographic-women who love to read and buy books. Oh wait, that's who we are. I thank them for all the years they've given, but they've shown they are nothing more than a cold-hearted corporation in the end. I guess I shouldn't have expected anything different. They can still kiss my lily white ass.

Luckily for us, some others have stepped up and started groups where we can still be together. Many have become best friends, travelling to meet each other and the bonds that have been forged were all made possible by the web. Lord knows I would have never found a sister-at-heart in a woman in small town Arizona (whom I've never even met) without this place. Yeah, I'm rambling, but you get the picture. I've enjoyed the last few years with these ladies (and 5 men). They've helped me learn and grow in ways I don't believe would have ever been possible, or it would have taken much longer than what it has. They are the sisters I've chosen to have in my life. Thank goodness most have decided to continue with a new spot.

I'm out for now. Hoping to return somewhat soon, but I won't make promises this time.


Grits said...

I'll certainly be peaking in here to check on new of your Italy trip!!!!!

Twango said...

I can't wait. It's like I'm walking around with an espresso drip or something. haha