30 December 2006

fascination or rant

I will always find people fascinating, if not exasperating. So many feel as if the world revolves around them. Sure, "their world" may revolve around them, but there are oh, I don't know 6,525,170,300 or so more people out there than just them. Always assuming that their feelings are more important, that their life is far more complicated, and anything you could say or do would never measure up to their difficulties, stresses, job, children, grandchildren, friends, or whatever. Selfish adults just blow my mind. Children are selfish, they don't quite understand that there is more in this world than their desires, their wants. When an adult practices that same selfish attitude, it makes you wonder if mom gave them every little bitty thing their heart desired. Were they the type of child that would throw themselves down in the middle of the grocery store and pitch an absolute fit until mom gave them the chocolate bar? Do their wives/husbands/significant others also practice this same thing with them, always giving them what they want, regardless of what they might actually need.

rant over

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