18 December 2006

Thank goodness nobody saw it

So, Friday night, I wanna surprise my friend with a little present. I got him a 12-pack, but it was cold, so I had to keep it on ice. I got a couple of big plastic bags and put the beer in there and then a bunch of ice on top. It sits in my car waiting for me to finish my stuff, then I’m going to add more ice and put it in the back of his truck.

I finish my stuff, and then go to his vehicle. It isn’t parked where he normally parks, but he’s working, so I can’t call and say hey, where’s your car. So I wait for time for him to get off work and call when he normally gets off work. He can’t leave for a couple more hours, but tells me where he is parked. So, I go to leave him his present, only problem, it’s too heavy to pick up.

I start to let some of the water out so maybe I can pick it up, but the bag has been sweating. So, of course, my hands slip, I fall backwards, water and ice pouring all over me. I’m soaked now. After struggling for about 20 minutes, I get the ice down bag of beer lifted up and over the bed of his truck.

I leave and call later to see if it was still there. It was. I relayed my story, after laughing , he asks, so, why didn’t ya just open the tailgate?
Duh me!


Jody said...

SO picturing it..laughing my ass off...

Cherie said...

LOL!!!! This is sooo something that would happen to me. BTW, I love your blog! ;)