03 December 2006

My first one

I'll post one I had already written. I find myself back in this place once again and it really fits:

Insanity creeping closer and the muck closing in on my mind.
These children are driving me crazy!
Why do they have to be so lazy?
Just two and it is ok, but the four of them combined?
Nobody on earth wants to be defined
By a brain that has become all hazy.
It is making me feel like my life is being written by Scorsese.
Where in the hell is my vodka so I can unwind?
They say that the mind is a terrible thing to waste.
Kids can certainly ruin you, making you feel fried,
Frazzled, used and abused. Oh God, why wasn't I chaste?
Can I not just go crawl in my closet and hide?
I cannot take much more of this; I just want to be erased.
Crap, shut up, suck it up, and take it all in stride.

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