18 January 2008


While I didn't compete at the Ben E. Keith show this year, I did attend.

There were some truly gorgeous cakes this year. Only a couple of centerpieces, which made we want to kick myself in the ass, as that is what category I would have entered. OH well. It was nice to go to a competition and enjoy it instead of stressing over setup, judging, critique, and announcements.

Sugar Centerpiece


Cake (my favorite, but then, I absolutely love purses)

Sugar Centerpiece

More of the previous Sugar Centerpiece

Chocolate sculpture



More of the previous cake. I was trying to get the detail on the baby's face, but that didn't work. It was gorgeous.

So, after the competition, M (my best female friend) and I went to see another friend (the sexiest man alive). Visited with him a bit, then headed out to the open house a friends company had going on. They were short handed. Since she and I were in uniform, we couldn't let a friend go up in flames (or down in flames), so we pitched in to help. That was fun. I hadn't been in a kitchen in some time (outside of home anyway) since I've made the transition to management. I'm going to start helping them with some of their catering gigs. Keep my kitchen skills up and network some more.

After we left there, we went and had a few drinks with the sexiest man alive. Ended up being one helluva long day, getting up at 4am and not getting back into the bed until 1am, but that's cool. I much prefer a day like that to a stagnant day.

All in all, it was fun. My friends company already called me and I'm going to work 3 gigs with them next week. WooHoo!!

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