25 January 2008

This is getting old

It's been cold and rainy for days. I might as well be in London or some shit. Cold for days, fine. Rainy for days, fine. Cold AND rainy for days, not fine. The humidity is fairly high so the cold just goes straight to your bones. It seems impossible to warm up, well, unless you take a hot shower. People freak out. Some rain falls and it's like they are all f'n chicken little, running around screaming the sky is falling. They do 30mph on the highway or 80mph. No happy medium. They are either putting along or running up your ass. Don't even get me started about the damned 18-wheelers. The spray from their trucks. Gawd. I got stuck between two yesterday. A car in front of me doing around 40, the same speed as the two semi-trucks. If that dumbass would have sped up by just 5 freaking mph, it would have been good. But no, instead, there I am, stuck between these two behemoths, getting sprayed from the left and right, damn windshield wipers could not keep up.

I still haven't cooked or baked a damn thing. Since Monday, I've put in almost 80 hours and there is still tomorrow. I've got to be there at 4am, which means I need to wake up at 2am, and I'll be there until 8 tomorrow night. Once I get there, I'm good. But I so do not like having to wake up to an alarm and lets face it, getting up at the unnatural time of 2am (when I am normally going to bed), well, an alarm is needed. Waking up by an alarm just starts my day off on a bad note. You are in a nice deep slumber and then out of nowhere comes this high-pitched annoying noise. I think I'd rather have Celine Dion suddenly warbling at my bedside. Ahhh, maybe not that bad.

Off to bed so I can awake at 2am.


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