10 January 2008

Today was go, go, go

I really don't remember eating all day, well, until about 7 tonight. Needless to say, I didn't cook. I had a sandwich. I had it with mayo too. I'd been trying to avoid mayo. I'm a Hellmanns kinda gal. It becomes Best Foods mayo west of the Rockies. Anyway, I had gone shopping the other day and decided, I'm sick of light mayo, it doesn't taste the same. Yeah, sure, I know how to make it, but that's kind of like knowing how to make a hot dog. Who the hell wants to eat it then. So, the other day, I decided to try out the Hellmanns Canola Oil Mayonnaise. First off, I swear, it tastes the SAME. Not only does it taste the same, but it contains no saturated fat or trans fat and has half the fat of mayonnaise, it is rich in Omega 3, and contains 6% of your RDA for Vitamin E and 20% of your RDA for Vitamin K.

All this of course means for me, no more dry sandwiches. I'm not a mustard kinda gal for the most part. Not on a sandwich.

This is like having my cake and getting to eat it to.

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