05 January 2008

trying to find a routine

I just cannot seem to get into a routine. sexybeast

Today I helped my bestest out. He's not so hot at typing and since I type 75wpm, it's not a big deal for me. What would take him literally hours takes me maybe 20 minutes. After that, he wanted to check out some computers, so we did that. Then go to eat at this nice little Mexican place. Nice, decent food. For some reason, it's never crowded. I don't know if they get crowded at night when they do karaoke or what, but I do really like the place. Friendly staff, service not so hot, but that's ok. What's great is the outdoor patio. Being able to have a smoke while drinking (cause their margaritas are outta this world) is always a plus.

I'm hoping that once the youngster starts back to school on Monday, I'll be able to get my routine back. Then there is the matter of my nieces (4 and 5) who are living with us temporarily as my family has it's own 'Britney'. Of course, work should start back later this week too, so I'll be adjusting in so many different ways, but that's a good thing I suppose. I cannot wait for us to start preparing to open our restaurant.

Anyway, since I did not cook anything today, I have nothing to post in regards to recipes. Sure, I could post something from my repetoire, but honestly, I didn't want to. I'm thinking tomorrow will be a better day in regards to cooking. Lunch time dates just really throw the day outta whack.

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