02 January 2008

Life, or something like it anyway

I've been staying at my daughter's apartment, kitty sitting while she is in the hospital. I have her laptop, but none of the stuff I use for nutritional analysis or anything for cooking outside of basic pots and pans. She comes home tonight, so hopefully I can get back to blogging.

I'm hoping to post healthier alternatives as I have some excess ass I need to rid myself of. I won't be posting any pics of my excess baggage however, so no need to fret about that. I'm going to be looking at doing food that is good for you, not necessarily diet food. Sure, there will be salads, but I want them to be tasty salads. I'm not really a proponent of pre-packaged foods, but frozen veggies are ok by me. Truth be told, unless you get your veggies on the farm or at a farmer's market, the frozen are healthier as they are flash frozen within hours of being picked, instead of being trucked half-way across the country.

Here's to hoping I'm back up and running tomorrow.

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