28 January 2008

sitting here watching

The State of the Union address. It's funny (weird funny, not haha funny) when you notice what gets a round of applause and what doesn't. Who joins in the applause and who continues sitting on their hands. Who continues reading their book and who doesn't. But it's really odd when you see them all, both sides of the aisle stand up and applaud together.

It will be so nice to see this country standing together again. That is probably fairly pollyannaish of me, but I would love to see it once again. We've been divided for so many years. Some of our children know nothing but this division. How neat it will be for them to see unification for the first time or again. I know, we won't all be on the exact same page, there will always be someone who is unhappy. But if we can get the majority of us together, how cool would that be.

Nancy Pelosi just looked like she would love to bitch slap the Pres. Of course, this was one of those moments when the Republicans and Lieberman stood and applauded.

No, I've not cooked anything. I'm living off PB&J and cereal right now. Such is life.

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Irie said...

Yeah, but I bet you make a helluva PB&J.